Online Balance Check 

Allow your customers to check their balance on your site in realtime. Engage is the only company that let’s you add a small bit of code right to your site so that your customers can check their balances 24/7.  No need to ever have them leave your site, call a number or call you directly to check a balance.  Everything is automatically taken care of for you - there is nothing to sync, upload or merge - we take care of all of that for you and at no extra charge. 

Try it yourself

Click the picture below and use account number 123

How to install:

  1. Sign in to your Engage solution

  2. Navigate to the "Settings" section

  3. Click on "download package"

  4. Add engage-online-balance-check.php and engage-online-balance-check.js to your website

  5. Add the following to the page you want to display a form on: